Charles J. Ingerson



A white covered field
once a farmer’s known
fertile soil crops to yield
now with flowers shorn

Reverence is here felt
loved ones come oft
by headstones have knelt
whispers of lovers soft)


Can you hear
this command
silent and clear
to understand?

‘Troops are ready’
reports the SNCO
‘Post the colors steady’
and silent tears flow

Another day begun
where men and women
lay on soil once won
peace to transcend

Look Smart Lads

The gates opening
slowly hearing voices
little children seeing
their wonder rejoices

‘Your turn lad, a mother’
Sergeant Major whispers
leading troops together
amid the single firs

‘Now yours my son’
a child never seen
laying flowers in the sun
on your grave to lean

‘Hear now, tears flow’
‘yes your bride here’s
every year she does show
‘makes the clouds clear’

One More Row

Quickly time does fly
presenting troops alone
pushing spirits high
with visits from home

Others may forget
but families never do
love and emotions beget
these feeling so true

One more row to see
fresh soil and stones
so our nation can be free
silent heard these tones

Sound the Call

The gates close again
twilight embraces all
retiring the colors begin
soft the bugle’s call

Warmer hearts found
flowers on the grave
whispers quiet sound
here and there a wave


Coming in the Spring
again in the late Fall
with flowers all to bring
hearing freedoms call

Memorial Day known
Veterans’ Day as well
love and honor shown
to soldiers who fell

Whispers reverently soft
soldiers guard standing
can be heard gently oft
a hearts understanding)