Charles J. Ingerson


History Continues

You see I’ve always
been here for you
to learn and know;
but you see I’m evil
to be around,
as man refuses
to look into the mirrors
of reality today, yesterday
and gutless for tomorrow.”

“The winners write of the war,
not the ones who lost.
Then when finally the loser
comes forth the hero
even in evil it is humor
at how gullible
man is in belief.”

History then concludes,
“If you fail to learn
of the thorns and nails
required and death known.
The hatred of another,
while thinking of love
at home or within the fire;
I’ll laugh and laugh
at the stupidly of the
sickness of your mind,
in not remembering me.
Who I’ve always been;
my child who cries,
you are not the first
and certainly
will never be the last.”

“So seek to know
what is known;
you are without excuse
for today is yesterday
and again tomorrow;
for those who fail to learn.”

History Continues Again

“Thus you who read this
think of me as cruel?”

“I am only a reflection
of your inner, carnal desires;
as while today is Kosovo,
yesterday it was murder,
or rape, or robbery
or adultery, or lying;
know you not of this?”

“Don’t blame me,
I’m here to read and learn.”

“Look around and understand
my child, life is the refiner’s fire;
not this game you play in school.”

“If the harshness of this lesson
you think unfair, wait till tomorrow’s
tomorrow, my laughter
you will be unable to bear.”

“You asked, and now know.
What are you going to do?”

Laughing and cackling history
Now walks away into the day;
As people die and ask why,
Not knowing the answer
Has always been the same.
History didn’t do a thing.
It was man to man;
seeking another’s shame.”

“Gone is the reason now,”
history turns one more time to say,
“For this child to ask why,
better the questions
of why not, because
you’ve learned not of me?”