Charles J. Ingerson



Charles J. Ingerson: Haunted Eyes
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson
To every story or thought
ideas somewhere caught
no classroom they’re taught
just in minds they’re fought
and in extremes found old
while among those young
stories once never told
or in songs never sung
how is it the we’re to learn
haunted eyes us to discern
with smiles of no concern
into our memories to burn
soft words and loving touch
our hearts and minds grow
wherein the spirit to clutch
wherein so much to know!)


Weather beaten in the heat
feeling the coldness of hoar
senselessness of the battle
rhyme and reason all lost
there is no accounting cost
just more pain with to saddle
only buzzards now to soar
minds wearied in defeat!

Our Hearts

Old wounds to increase
awakening unknown acts
did I or didn’t I commit
not remembering the day
only flashes of thunder
roaring of the lightning
scrambling in the mud
digging the quicksand
our hearts unhealed
old wounds not to cease!

With Smiles

None to know or see
pretending as if nothing
peeling oranges whole
while with smiles hiding
running with the river
sliding under the ice
snow falling to pretend
all is white and good
loving and cherishing
hoping none will see!

Extremes Found

Shrill screams of glee
hidden darkness hollow
quiet ever need to be still
where none can find
ambushes set awaiting
silent the birds to hide
none to fly or scurry
as bears in the winter
deer on dark nights
rain falling in drought
shrill the laughter lost
extremes found no more!

Nothing Learned

Each generation a hero
body bags to be filled
shrouds laid beside
bloody fields of deaths
flooding rains to wash
till green and brilliant
flowers blooming fresh
nothing learned today
repeated then again
each generation a hero!

In Denial

Awoke today in bliss
nothing found amiss
a pretty mate to kiss
snakes in the grass hiss;

Another day we wish
coming and going quick
thoughts now to squish
my mind able to trick;

In denial of the event
unable thus to prevent
excuses then to invent
abuses able to vent;

Hear the snake swish
searching with a stick
over a fire in a knish
in denial often sick!


Haunted eyes sleepless
seeking another to find
a kindred spirit to welcome
anyone to share the pain
growing insolent alone
feelings inadequate empty
unable to express plain
thoughts once denied
while yet am I alive
pretending nothing
living in the void all
thinking to understand
what none comprehend!)