Charles J. Ingerson


Gatherings –
mobs of angry people
screaming hatred loud
enmity within a steeple
hidden behind a shroud.

Gatherings –
playing in the snow
innocence without
how lovely they grow
children dancing about.

Gatherings –
camp fires dimly lit
cold fondling within
frost taking a nip
using blankets thin.

Gatherings –
socials when found
pretenses to wear
gaiety is the sound
pretending to care.

Gatherings –
huddled near to death
filling another small grave
difficult another breath
this trail long to pave.

Gatherings –
tomorrow’s history class
finding things far away
subject sorted to amass
leaving feelings to stray.

Gatherings –
wondering along the path
childhood, youth, adult
feeling another’s wrath
gatherings known result.