Charles J. Ingerson



Charles J. Ingerson: Friend and Brothers/Sisters Remember
Photo: ©Copyright 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson

Charles J. Ingerson: Friend and Brothers/Sisters Remember
Flags at half mast:
tolling is their task

Tears stream gently
missing tenderly

Distant smoke haze
memories in maze

Friend and brother
sisters remember.)

Never Doubted

Knew you’d be there
covering the six
dangers we did share
problems we did fix.

So many what ifs
bullets unmarked
targeted whiffs
landings embarked.

Never doubted us
knowing what to do
friendship was a plus
eternally now true.

It’s An Honor

I call you my friend
a sister, brother
this’ll never end
within each other.

It’s an honor
knowing you today
never dishonor
together to pray.

Kneeling in the mud
bowing our heads low
tears oft did flood
softly the words flow.

Standing in the rain
or by the deck rail
oblivious to pain
forever’s to pale.

Friend and Brothers/Sister Remember

Not long ago found
in distant lands gone
simple was the sound
in Nam or Luzon.

Tarawa, Midway
North Africa, Guam
Italy, France, Taipei
never with a qualm.

Wars fought to win
some without a choice
none we did begin
victory to rejoice.

Friend and brother near
sister remembers
the intense lost fear
our Junes’ Decembers.

Flags and Tears

Amid all is known
a Veteran’s valor
not always is shown
death’s oft pallor.

Marching so slowly
movements so precise
hesitations fully
paid an awful price.

Freedoms so demand
calling each to stand:
not all understand
lovings full command.


Burning pyres ember
flames now found low
it’s now November
I see evenings glow.

Once brilliantly hot
consuming within
history forgot
hypocrisy thin.

feeling them intense:
my patience’s incense.

Another day gone
waving flags over
finding Babylon
in Flanders’ clover.


Veterans’ Day felt
emotions feel thin
on bended knee knelt
just once want to win.

But there’s no gain
for a lost close friend
just the day to wane
simply then to end.)