Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: Freedom… Isn’t FreeHolocausts and wickedness
persuade all to sit at ease
enjoying tea and joyfulness
simply to do as they please.

Hoards of nomads storming
indifference to the laws found
killing, raping without warning
making Hell’s fury to sound.

Angels mourning and weeping
mothers unable to purity hide
innocence destroyed sweeping
no where to rest or to abide.

Once surrounding tables to eat
friendly conversations to hear
even entertainment as a treat
there seemed nothing to fear.

Morals declined with abdication
virtue was held in low esteem
man’s laws pervaded all dictation
no more truths eternal to glean.

Rabble from the earth’s dust
careening wildly at first flight
shaking off the timeless rust
getting ready for the fight.

Others standing aside in awe
impotent and unable to arise
hearing only tranquility’s call
staying alive their only prize.

Rumbles fill the air clearly
deciding either for or not
this price to be paid dearly
choices not to be forgot.

Death follows this trail first
many will bleed and die
many will fight against thirst
very few observers will cry.

Soon in the distance seen
marching men with flags few
looking around with eyes mean
causing emotions now to view.

Trampling over the thorns
ignoring the pricks of briars
their trumpet’s horror warns
lamenting are the town criers.

Nevermore tyranny to control
this rabble has a work to do
a nation to build with a soul
in allegiance and honor true.

Rolling thunder awakes all
none to rest or yet weary
hearing freedom’s soft call
lifting the spirits of the dreary.

‘Come all to this new place
secure without perfection
decorating in freedom’s face
no dole or angry rejection.’

Freedom… isn’t free on Earth
there’s a mighty cost to pay
dying many while giving birth
for this Ensign raised today.

Weeping and wailing air fill
truancy at the birth as well
wanting to negotiate still
even with the tyrant fell.

Sadly abdication all around
freedoms founder realize
hearing the cowards sound
trying to give away the prize.

Someday all will know for sure
right and wrong without excuse
precious things found so pure
freedom’s earned not to abuse.

Indifference will matter none
protesting will rot and smell
freedom which isn’t free won
this nation’s story to ever tell.