Charles J. Ingerson



Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenHow many battles fought
endless names and places
were good men and evil
allowed life’s blood to flow
gasping a last breath
begging another chance
some cursing; some ready
all too young to die then
none too young to fight
favoring their cause
or rather a government
tyrant or dictatorship
good king or queen
president or any other
endless names and places
how many battles fought!)

Champions Hill

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenChampions Hill May 1863
fought almost unknown
surely forgotten by most
never taught in schools
yet the most pivotal day
the Blue and the Grey
valiant mixing blood dying
in the hot sun then drying
harsh and horrible to play
where brothers some say
traded in their war tools
meeting now a different host
no legends to be grown
on this day in May 1863!

The Black River

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenDiscouraged and downtrodden
the next day in May 1863 worse
more to die on both sides found
relentless fighting and pushing
flanking and cut off from help
bridges burned and built
carrying and depriving armies
pushing back again a curse
giving no quarter finding none
still no objective to be won
only this day too lost in history!

Assault En-mass

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenPick any day in 1952-1953
swarms of Chinese assaulting
thousands without even guns
gaining advantage in numbers
each position to assault in-mass
till out of ammunition slaughter
forces called the UN to die
by those who sat in counsel
denying any involvement
killing thousands of their own
infecting the UN forces most
with death and diseases
only different with no names
claiming they were never there!

Secret Missions

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenPortrayed on movie screens
great missions of world wars
special forces unknown to be
ships without flag or nation
expendable and no records
secret missions where all died
others where success denied
never happened – no one there
nameless heroes and villains
how many – who and when
unrecorded or locked away
records destroyed forever
only today seem to be alive
portrayed on movie screens!

Any War – Anywhere

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenAround the camp fires once
today at breakfast shared
stories told with only one side
while another chips in often
then two sides become one
yet all those present know
any war – anywhere to be
conversation today forgotten
never shared outside present
long ago and then even today!

Famous Names

Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenMention Breed’s Hill or Bunker
Iwo Jima – Pearl Harbor – Guam
Dunkirk – Sicily – North Africa
Gallipolis – Berlin – Cuba
Marathon – Crusades – Hastings
Waterloo – Agincourt – Vienna
Huai-Hai – Cajamarca – Leipzig
Stalingrad – Yorktown – Gettysburg
Antietam – Rorke’s Drift – New Orleans
but what of all those in between
now unknown and all forgotten
some of these surely unknown
how slothful history has grown!


Charles J. Ingerson: ForgottenBattles fought some to be won
others dramatically to be lost
till in our language words used
equating daily events to war
sporting events and even love
sharing the horrors now simple
accepting death and rapine
till in religion nothing sacred
voids left in our history unfound
Missouri – Illinois – replaced
terrorism and hatred instead
this once great nation is dying
Heavenly Father/Angels crying
so many good people denying
while nothing more surviving!)