Charles J. Ingerson


Withering in the sun
are flying flags found
whose only work is done
only a whipping sound.

Some fly colored black
inviting and seeking death
emotions of hate to act
stealing even a child’s breath.

Another red, white and blue
announcing freedom known
with stars fielded too
each state now shown.

One in offense to all
the other representing
freedoms lawful call
allowing for dissenting.

One of a host nation
ashamed to have in view
or worried in passion
by a minority few.

Which would one think
the black or tri-color
with protests to link
with blood to deflower?

Oh it is not the black
but the one for the free
in whose freedom they act
only profanely to see.

In one nation are guests
who get education free
here at their own requests
foreign harbors to flee.

Yet to concern offending
we’ve those who demand
no flying or defending
this freedom flag’s stand.

How can this happen
are they that ignorant
our country misshapen
allowing these so arrogant?

Fire trucks unable to show
from windows unable to hang
library’s flags not to know
just profanity’s slang?

This is America I ask
where will this treason end
who will be equal to the task
a unified message to send?

How I weep and cry tonight
that such is our nation
with scum like this to fight
feeding the black flag’s passion