Charles J. Ingerson



Whether gently flowing
or stiff in a breeze
I see them flying
in heat or a freeze.

Every to look upward
remembering old times
ever going forward
across enemy lines.

Hearing the bugle call
either in the morning
or when evenings fall
what a wonderful warming.)

Flags of War

Carried within a parade
many found on display
wondering of the charade
a mother’s heart to pray.

Ruffles and flourishes
pounding cannons seal
so many wild skirmishes
when the battle is real.

Yet there the drummer
and the guide-on too
in the heat of summer
or all winter through.

Flags of war fly high
when first engaged
yet when soldiers die
lowering now enraged.

See them there clear
row upon row displayed
ever so far and then near
how soft many prayed?

Flags of Peace

What is that burning
the smell comes to me
is this some old yearning
my memory can’t see?

Proudly my flags to fly
but sometimes so alone:
so many friends to die
while I’m safe at home.

Flags of peace remind
the freedoms to know
when the wars were kind
allowing children to grow.

Flags of Reverence

Sealing are the moments
when others heads do bow
as if remembering covenants
within a feeling to allow.

Shadows drifting in fog
carefully me to surround
as this envelop to jog
and my senses to pound.

Searing the tempest past
hallowed is this place
where flags fly half-mast
in reverence full of grace.

Flags of Anger

Confusion counting all
bombs bursting, killing
how far does man fall
when armies meet willing?

Torn, ripped, destroyed
students cry unknowing
as the troops deployed
in anger found growing.

Freedom’s cost wonting
where understanding not
and ignorance flaunting
by those who have forgot.

Flags of anger to feel
in a Nation almost lost
as many forget to kneel
ignoring the precious cost.


It matters not where
or when or even how
what colors are there
but what I will allow.

Would I’ve been away
in another country born
the loyalty would stay
my enemies to warn.

Flags are the ensign
which signals a belief
where one rally’s within
and how to express grief.

Shadows fall each day
across the maze of life
as my flags fly I pray
forever amid the strife.)