Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: Expendable
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Charles J. Ingerson
Never a me to be found
just another over there
I’ve done nothing wrong
actually I’ve little value
the worldliness of today
requires few if any of me
seeking instead others
called sisters or brothers
maybe evil like them to be
causing morals to decay
contentions each to stew
playing an acid rock song
but expendable isn’t fair
within its web all bound!


Some may remember the WWII movie entitled, “They Were Expendable” with John Wayne in the lead role. It was about the PT Boats and their crews. Some little known information on the PT Boats was that when they were fitted out – everything was immediately written off of the US Navy books as if they never existed – and if they did were sure to be lost! These were both men and equipment.

Long before in the history of humanity there have always been things and humans who were deemed expendable. The choices of who were expendable being put in the front rows of combating armies and those chosen in various cultural beliefs and sacrifices. Many of those expendable were conditioned to be so – while the majority had no idea they were in such a condition.

Back to WWII – how many more could’ve been taken off with General MacArthur’s family? What if MacArthur’s family had been taken off the Philippines months before? What if non-essential personnel had been removed when knowing the seriousness of the situation in the Philippines? How many more could’ve been saved when the later evacuations became required?

One might never know when and where men/women have made others expendable due to political necessity or out of convenience. One should consider the Scriptures, i.e. much as David ordering Uriah the Hittite because of David’s adultery with Bath-Sheba. Thus, anyone reviewing both current and recent history many fit this same scenario when one uses the words; convenience, need, politically expedient, suicide, murder, mob violence, mass-shootings or whatever else one can conjure up.
Currently around the world in many nations – modern and 3rd world many are expendable to the greater needs of the state. Some who belong to the worldly organizations openly flaunt human rights and deal in outright murder and or genocide.

When one is given to speculation – how far behind or ahead it the United States of America? Many would surely look upon this in horror – until reminded of the various murdering of unarmed citizens throughout the history of 200+ years. (Note: we could go back to the 1600’s and the Salam Witch burnings, or other travesties of rule by various sects and governments of the time. Yet since most of this isn’t taught or is revised to protect the guilty we’ll not go there.) In addition, we’re only referring to the word expendable as it relates to murder or having someone die at the convenience of another.

Both the Native American population as well as the American Military/Government populations performed murder. Indeed it becomes murder when the other party has no way of protecting themselves from the aggressors. Indeed, we call the period of time between the Civil War and early 1900 – as the Indian Wars – with some freedom of speech – to justify unwarranted slaughters of the Native Americans – but it was still murder and not self-defense in some cases. In addition, to lie, cheat, steal were the additions of those posing as being representatives of our American Government and not of the Native population.

The government and righteous citizens used this against other citizens before the Civil War as well – turning on the Native population when conscious got the better of the MSM. It really came down to who was being murdered, raped, and pillaged and which side of the political or religious side of the spectrum they were located. This is still true today – and without much difference in the results, as most of MSM has again sold their collective souls to the highest bidders. (Note: from recent headlines those who’ve not yet sold out are being threatened by the current administration about the consequences of not being on the politically correct side.)

Politically correct expendability depends today on what the administrations decides to call their actions to gain a political objective. Gun control is a good example as the various inconsistencies continue to be downplayed by MSM reporting; Black mobs in malls, mass-shooting where the prime suspect commits suicide by shooting themselves with weapons either locked in their trunks or in the back of the head, there’s a list of many in the Clinton era too long to mention, Black on White crime versus White on Black crime, reporting of retractions after MSM have tried and convicted many without a trial only to find out the accusers are/were lying and thus the list could continue.

Without the truthful reporting of MSM – and without honest citizens having a voice into what they saw happen before their own eyes – we’ve a nation of deception and this allows for an easy list of expendables. Team Six comes to mind as well as those in Benghazi: (

Where will and when will this spot and the American people demand their earned rights – and stop the onslaught against honest citizens? If this doesn’t stop – one must consider the consequences. Are the United States ready for mass rioting and thousands of causalities? (Note: in another paper I’ve written ‘Could This Happen?’ as a possible scenario under the current administration.)

First, why doesn’t America care? There could be several reasons starting with, most citizens feel they can do nothing due to being loyal and honest citizens they’ve been forced to accept waiting for the other side to act first. Next, many citizens really don’t care – they’re entitled and they see the downfall of civilization in the US as being all in their favor – seeing the spoils as their rewards for non-intervention. This by the way has been taught to them in school, music, movies, video games and most of all by the false reporting in the MSM. Other reasons line the ranks of who, what and where the responsibility is to be found. Sadly, it comes to the point where most heavily armed military is our own Homeland Security led by several who hate the US (which most have forgotten). Including in these reasons is an Attorney General who’s perjured himself, and an administration; and other government employees who’ve already sold their souls to Socialism and the current administration.

Lastly, we’ve a President whose forsaken his oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States – which most American Citizens have no or little understanding. Schools no longer teach the Constitution – only Political Correctness and what is taught are those rights which taken out of context only protects those who choose to violate another’s rights while demanding their own. When the President of the US bypasses Congress – threatens the Supreme Court and other Federally appointed judges we’ve some serious problems about whom and what is expendable.

If in fact the Constitution is expendable then all rights under the Constitution will no longer exist! Thus those who’ve been hiding behind the Constitution will no longer have any place to hide. Thus, the criminals and others who scream racism, freedom of speech (including MSM), freedom of religion (including the Civil Rights Leaders), any form of local, city, urban, state governments will cease to exist, the Federal Military, National Guards, Local Militias and any other form of protection – i.e. police, sheriff and state police with no longer have any authorities in which to operate. In fact, nothing in our current structure will continue to exist! This would mean no elected Federal, State or Local Government leaders would continue to exist.

Chaos should come to mind of all Americans! Of course if you’re an illegal alien – a felon from justice – or otherwise an enemy of the US then you would no longer to be so as the US would no longer exist! Banks would close – money would be worthless – Dr. Spencer would be re-created in foremost fantasy of survival of the fittest (or the one with the most weapons and strength). As for many US citizens they would no longer have form of defense with the sole exception of self-defense.

The Department of Homeland Security would have the run of the land – and whether they choose to follow the President or not would be entirely up to them, as his office would no longer exist. China and Russia would foreclose on the remains of the nation – there would be no employment – no social security – no hospitals – no prisons or jails – no further welfare checks – nothing – nil – zip – zero anything except which an individual or family could provide for one another.

A nation that is found to be expendable is no longer a nation – and can offer nothing to its supporters or opponents. Gold, silver or other precious stones or metals would be worthless – and the only potential commodity would be food (if it isn’t stolen from those who have it). Remember with every major storm most of our stores are sold out or robbed empty within less than 36 hours. Most have no means to cook (there will be no electricity) – and very few the means to hunt and to survive.

This should alarm most but again most don’t care – figuring they’ll survive as the expense of others who are expendable due to their present need. While daily the message is failing to get across to most citizens and even the illegals of what is at stake – the wheels continue to roll. Gun control always is followed by tyranny, slaughter, famine, pestilence, disease and worse conditions than anyone could imagine. Killing the Christians or Native Americans or the Genocide seen in the nations of the world in history will pale in comparison.

Recently there have been reports of the mass murders of the 20th Century – Russia, China, Germany, 3rd World Nations, etc. – these all added together will pale in what will take place in the US. Consider the following: 1) 300 Urban areas with over 100,000 in population; 2) 200 Urban areas with over 170,000 in population; 3) 100 Urban areas with over 381,000 in population; and 4) over 42 with over 1,000,000 in population with NYC at 18,000,000+ and Los Angeles with over 12,000,000 in population. In total there are 497 urban areas in the US Currently with more than 50,000 in total population subject to various shortages with the destruction of the Constitution. (Note: this is one reason the likelihood of the US ever returning to a conservative – Constitutional believing and following nation under the current status quo will never happen in our collective lifetimes.)

It only takes 21 major urban areas to control a national election. 23 States are represented in the top 21 Urban areas – with a population of 104 million people To put this a different way – than .83% of the area of the United States is represented by 33% of the nation’s voters. If you include the top 42 urban areas you’ve only added 8 more states and a population of over 135 million people. This equates to 43% of the population in the living in only 1.16% of the area of the United States. These urban areas control every national election! Roughly 129 million votes were cast in the 2012 Presidential election (including over 100% in many urban areas of registered voters).

When the voter base constitutes less than 1.2% of the total area of a nation – that anyone who lives not in these urban areas (or 23 states) will have little if no effect on a national election or even state elections for Senators, Governors or on various legislation state wide. Truly we’ve a compromised system of elections. It’ll get worse as time goes on – with more and more illegals, gang problems and the population growth within the major urban areas. The entitled go to the urban areas due to the plethora of benefits, hospitals and other public programs. Few areas can withstand the constant demand on their educational, medical, public services and legislation from this entitled population.

Thus we’ve a nation in which roughly 98% of land area where 57% of the population are expendable to political correctness and expedience. Daily there are isolated instances where law-abiding citizens are arrested, guns confiscated, freedoms lost – due to the lies and deceit of those in public positions. Denial of religious, Constitutional, and basic human treatment are attacked and demeaned with the MSM either ignoring it or reporting that which supports the illegal actions of those elected, appointed or otherwise employed by local, state and federal agents/representatives.

Consider if you’re reading this – most likely a very small percentage of the population – that you’re now considered expendable! While some may not think so – read and see what is happening all around you. In China the first to be slaughter have always been those who could read and write and reason – why should the US be found any different?
In speaking with many who’ve immigrated legally to the US from nations with far less freedoms – they constantly ask what is wrong with your citizens and why can’t they understand what is happening to their nation? This is a great question – which none seem to want to answer – or take responsibility.

Soon it will be too late not to answer – and thus too late to respond to something which is destroying the United States – whose foundation is the Constitution. One must remember the current administration was elected to political office – with most not caring why or why not they voted for or against them. Indeed even with the MSM misleading and misrepresenting – most should be able to see that we’re headed to Socialism or even worse a dictatorial state. For even in Socialism there has to either be a military leader or king like ruler – call him/her by whatever name you can conjure up – but it is all the same – someone with unlimited power ruling over those without rights (as we now enjoy and know them).

Expendable is the appropriate word for those who oppose such a situation occurring in the United States – look around and see what the MSM presents and if you fit in and agree or disagree. Then you will know whether you indeed are expendable. In my personal case I’m surely expendable – a disabled veteran – who can read and write – exercising my rights to Freedom of Speech and Press – honoring our Heavenly Father and His Son who sacrificed His all so that we might have the opportunity to earn eternal salvation by choosing the right and being obedient to the Commandment, Statute and Laws directed by he and his Father and ours.

As the PT Boats in WWII – and those of other wars and places – for one reason or other the application of being expendable could apply to any and all of us. Each must never forget that the goal is total control – power – wealth and everyone and anyone will be used as a stepping-stone for those without morals, values, integrity, virtue, honesty, truthfulness – including those lying in bed with them. The system of survival of the fittest requires anyone who is a threat needs to be eliminated and no one is exempt.