Charles J. Ingerson



No matter how prepared
how graphic the view
how often so despaired
there’ll always be a few.

Crossing mountains high
or swimming rivers deep
in chutes from the sky
widows, orphans will weep.)

Ever to Cry

Singularly found alone
going from place to place
never to have a home
only a stranger with a face.

Somehow not even seen
never holding any dream
appearing aloft and mean
forgetting another’s scream.

Ever to cry without tears
looking with empathy lost
unable to share in fears
always willing to pay a cost.

Ever to Serve

How often opens a valley
where only dust was found
somehow a memories tally
buried deep in the ground.

Knowing the future too well
finding bodies destroyed
hoping not to but also hell
in combat to be deployed.

Unable to ever say a no
seeing ahead the mission
only waiting for a word ‘go’
understanding my commission.

Ever to Die

Not once or twice
but each time again
caught in this vice
where war is grim.

Holding a hand soft
giving a blessing asked
wondering why so oft
these veterans so tasked.

Ever to die in dreams
hearing the mortars fall
wondering of the screams
why my children now call.


Pilings in the deep
where ships are buried
many who no longer weep
to their death ferried.

Finding fields of crosses
as a battle once flared
in weeds and mosses
where soldiers dared.

Ever to cry in silence
ever to serve alone
ever to die in reverence
ever so far from home.)