Charles J. Ingerson



Time is not our master
neither space nor matter
both surreal from the past
memories and nightmares
placing priorities vacantly
even so much still to do
others no longer here
we’ve their place to take
time is not our master
honor, duty truly are!)


Grand plans and goals
written, specific, there
somehow illusionary
meanings lost to mind
seemingly important
vaguely remembered
days to weeks, months
never more than months
re-genitive rest taken
wanted and unwanted
pacing durations met
plans and goals grand!


Slowly coming into life
awakening to the night
seeking yet still to rest
turning over one time
just a tad longer delay
duty, honor calling
opening eyes to day
bending to the tasks
responsibilities lifted
taking charge again!


Weariness conquered
wondering about others
seemingly unnoticed
actions of past weeks
preoccupied interests
understanding time-out
regeneration so needed
day-to-day of memories
escape never taken
resting only when able!


Down time taken infrequent
others standing the watch
covering both 12 and 6
listening, feeling, alert
children’s play forgotten
home’s far-away found
how quickly back to then
soon to awake smartly
taking needed down-time!


Loss of method allowed
soldiers not in combat
years, decades now gone
sometimes still involved
dreams, thoughts, visions
grasping to the firm memory
wondering why still un-gone
amid the daily living today
down time taken infrequent
while instantly all – all seen
sounds, feelings, memories
unable to concentrate more!)