Charles J. Ingerson


Photo ©Copyright 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson
Spinning into the dreams
utter darkness – utter light
beyond comprehension
yet in a type reality there
playing in a band tone deaf
singing lyrics yet unwritten
to melodies yet unknown
digging into tunnels lost
crawling into corners past
feeling of the rains chill
hearing screams shrill
switching screens fast
sweating hot the cost
into delirium grown
all important smitten
scaling the highest clef
with none else to share
extreme now the tension
all found blackness or light
awakening into screams!


Dougie dug into scenes
unreal and flashing red
forests and marshes all
firefights and ambushes
destruction without end
seeking just one friend
over cliffs one pushes
another starts to call
but nothing left unsaid
in the mind’s screens!)