Charles J. Ingerson

(For my friend GT)


Youth and dreams known
beauty and strength
within maturity grown
one’s strides in length

Wherever tomorrow found
will always be the dreams
sadly with various sound
among them war’s screams.)

Bright Eyes

Awakening each morning
prepared for the best
surprises without warning
into a new days test.

Taking in such wonder
learning to slowly grow
understandings to ponder
resilience able to show

Seeing beyond present
grasping important truth
this time grudgingly lent
soon no longer a youth.


Widening the road
carefree to careful
difficult to hold
losing what’s peaceful.

At once a child seen
lost upon the path
becoming soldiers lean
feeling another’s wrath.

Turning bad to good
finding roads to pave
doing all one could
resolute and brave.

War’s unmerciful way
passages all to learn
till arriving in today
learning much to discern.


Aging to find December
Winters snow to feel
wishing to remember
youth’s important zeal.
Springs rains are felt
Summer’s flowers bloomed
Fall’s leaves have knelt
one’s life so perfumed.

Bright eyes and passages
so much found to remember
sharing whispered messages
between then and December.)