Charles J. Ingerson


Short is the mind of men
even so to include women
wanting their tea and ice
maybe today just coffee
some rather a cigarette
as used on the POW’s
some in noses or ears
others in various places
atrocities in hell in WW2
under the red sun bright
demeaning and illusion
forgotten and regretted
never remorse shown
one who commits evil
believing it is only good
knowing others will forget
attention going to another
even so to include many
short is memory today!

©Copyright April 14, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


Throughout history known
atrocities committed always
in the name of humanity
creating a better place
eliminating the weaker
ignoring the screaming
cries for help or safety
children murdered
mothers raped-murdered
women forced to serve
slaves for the soldiers
disgraced in their work
yet history’s forgotten
unlike other holocausts
this one 10,000,000
murdered, killed, died
28% of POW’s killed
bayonetted – starved
shot for fun or sport
beaten beyond death
tortured for hours/days
seasons passing fast
slowly and dragging
seconds in divisions
lingering in extremes
thus committed evil
atrocities in hell done
committed by men
feeling ever supreme
immune to all about
for all of humanity
lost in the blood trial
when checking history
one more mark of men!)

Peculiar Calls

Awakening in the mid-nights
drifting thoughts returning
lost in day-nightmares awake
voices calling always quiet
as if wanting only me to hear
hearing war cries screaming
wars in the past and present
trials and tribulations in time
veterans – victims – young/old
torturing peculiar calls heard
record – remind – write
let none forget ever forget
when awake or when asleep
calling me accountable
to remember them always!

©Copyright April 11, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Signs and Seasons

Historically history repeats
maybe not quickly by always
over a hundred million years
one should not have a doubt
that great events occurred
and will yet again do so
thus the Prophets warned
while a world denies/ignores
power games are played
innocent lives are ruined
how much more will it take
it isn’t just Pompeii/Sodom
it is pervasion in the world
immorality and profanity
denials of Heavenly Father
denials of our Lord/Savior
denials of the Restoration
denials of these latter-days
destruction is a great event
evidenced by millions of years
history historically repeats itself!

©Copyright April 8, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Power Absolute

Crushing all within range
towering as an inferno
consuming everything
discarding all refuse
without remorse felt
power absolute power
sought by the foolish
vivid ego’s illusionary
greedily soothingly
beguiling with ease
wanting all attention
failing to understand
eaten from within
empty and all alone
everything consuming
all within range crushing!

©Copyright April 15, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


Blood red from death
Iwo – Tarawa – others
bombardments failed
without surrender
how many more died
setting the stage
for Allied POW’s
surrender not a choice
cultural differences
death before dishonor
unfamiliar at first
slowly understood
beaches – oceans
separating life/death
blood red from death!

©Copyright April 19, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Blood Drinking

Cutting of the throat
capturing the blood
then insanely drinking
over and over again
repeated actions done
captured POW’s
having their throats
laid open to kill
then in triumph
soldiers laughing
blood drinking!

©Copyright April 12, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Tabula Rasa

As an artist’s canvas
mind acting as if blank
pristine clean and empty
then quickly confusions
plethora of thoughts
each trying for attention
pushing and shoving
screams and memories
wherein the canvas full
then to sort and place
wanting each thought
identified complete
tabula rasa gone
the images flow!

©Copyright April 13, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

So Much Ignored

Historical records loaded
boxes and boxes opened
yet trials stood in silence
one judge even voted no
saying they were pushed
and what happened not
just a bump in the road
ignored in their history
only the Atomic Bombs
retribution to those held
while so much ignored
while others slept alive
some alive were dead!

©Copyright April 14, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Falling Down to Die

Forced marches endless
remembered but unknown
news reels unrecorded
just the memories taught
soon just forgotten
as if never happened
or if so unimportant
found to those there
watching friends fall
beaten – stabbed
beheaded after fallen
run over by tanks
becoming part of road
lost to the history
forgotten those gone
falling down to die!

©Copyright April 19, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

20,000,000 Sq. Miles

Vast almost uncomprehended
eleven nations included within
thinking of hoards of warriors
instead of horses/chariots
tanks – landing crafts – planes
domination of horrific actions
repeated and duplicated
done before in warfare/riots
people gone insanely vile
without accountability found
who led – who died – who lived
20,000,000 square miles
eleven nations of the world
uncomprehendable almost!

©Copyright April 20, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Horrific Actions

Throughout the millenniums
from earliest history known
atrocities committed often
victor over the vanquished
unrecorded the vanquished
as almost all were killed
prisoners slaves become
without voice or position
cutting off fingers/hands
beheadings – burnings
sexual violence widely
infants/children murdered
mothers raped – defaced
torture endless creative
(some the steel mare)
history reporting heroes
political correctness
rewritten records done
civilizations demented
past – present – to be
horrific actions daily found!

(And end for now)

©Copyright April 20, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


There was nothing new here
countless wars – civil actions
around the world had been done
yet this was different to feel
supposedly modern culture
was beyond such atrocities
values – honor – treaties
all found of no avail here
now back to the barbaric
Japan exercised expertise
proudly displayed to all
without remorse or worry
reminding each the same
what man can do once
can be done over again
better found in insanity
and still found today!)