Charles J. Ingerson

(and Others)


Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Blankets of warmth
lingering so short
snows and flowers
hearing this report

Musters taken soft
where soldiers rest
calling each name
who’ve done the test

Whether Arlington
or on far beaches
Normandy, Iwo, Wake
healing now reaches.)

Roll Call

Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Awakening each day
does the flag still fly
is there time to pray
are children able to cry?

Normal conversation
standing at ease
a moment’s relaxation
found now to squeeze.

Then the command
“Attention!” is heard
silence to understand
loved and adhered.

Spoken each name
ranks fully are given
‘Here’ all to exclaim
so much is forgiven.

Final Paths

Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Slowly moving homeward
resting between beats
ever softly drummers
there’re no retreats.

Surely not a dream
where children play
just time to reflect
memories to stray

Sadly yet with joy
missions accomplished
carry on, carry on
till enemies vanquished.

Passing the rows neat
where friends awaited
till put to final rest
screams now abated.


Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Endless time spent
visions of what might
a little more time lent
one more day to fight.

Wondering why many
wish for freedom not
in this land of plenty
laying here forgot.

Hating the last note
Taps fades away
only whispers spoke
passing on this day.


Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Amid the cold chill
or in the Springs rain
found in Summers heat
always with respect
passes the ceremony
honoring each in turn
carrying on, carrying on
till tears brim within
finding time to cry.

Watching Over

Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Should we ever forget
another never will;
watching over all
sitting silent still

Protecting aware
his duty very clear
watching over all
never showing fear.


Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Eternal some burn
lies a president
lies a soldier
lies the unknown
brothers all
sisters, mothers
fathers, grandfathers
how many counted
beneath the flames
beneath the flames.

Saddleless Ride

Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)Looking down the path
no longer ridden
no longer saddled
no longer bridled
long rides are gone
looking down the path
once used to war
now empty within
if I was ever there.


Charles J. Ingerson: Arlington (and others)The visit over
passing away
time fades
night welcomes

How many
can be found
across plains
on mountains
in the rivers
streams, lakes?

Each endless –
where spoken

Does the flag
is freedom
do all pray
answer me