Charles J. Ingerson


When in life we experience another moment in space or time which elevates and condemns one must consider the why. Over the next several days in my tribute to Memorial Day it is my feeling that some of these affairs with the military, nation, and a sense of duty will be somehow presented. The idea germinated from something a good friend wrote and to him and all of the soldiers of the world these are dedicated.

Dedicated to the Bushranger and our brothers and sisters; the soldiers of the world in behalf of freedom and honor of the highest standard.

An Affair: Part I


Intertwine in your mind
the strands of taps
reverberating in time
as a wave on shore laps.

Place fears of first love
giving your all to a lover
who seemingly is above
but your feelings uncover.

Blend with the environment
hearing the awful screams
of birth or in an atonement
remembered in many dreams.

We’ve all had an affair
where our mind and heart
seem to reside in thin air
forever lasting now a part.

Each moment in time singed
where there is no healing
as freedoms rules are impinged
and many go beyond feeling.

This is an ether world found
and how we traverse we are
in horror or silent in fears sound
the dawn or sunset we see afar.)

All My Friends

Gathering in close
nothing dumb to do
feeling the excitement
as youth forever fool

Hotrod cars to chase
pink slips the prize
to the winner’s race
often to all’s surprise.

Ankle socks and skirts
girls we never knew
most just as flirts
as in life we grew.

Death not a part
full of life were we
just a happy heart
knowing we’re free.

All my friends around
so many no longer seen
as they’re in the ground
in a war cruel and mean.

White crosses in a row
where I seldom seek
and almost never go
in fear to again weep.

What is Love?

Dancing a slow dance
holding one another
excitement to enhance
being watched by a brother

Trying hard not to blush
embarrassed being kissed
wondering why the hush
hoping we’ll not be missed.

As feeling that being tapped
knowing this is a last dance
and you’ve just been zapped
all without even a chance.

Or in the moonlit drive-in
steaming up the window
floods of warmth within
having friends laughing so

Crazy mixed up dreams
feelings of so long away
unreal though it seems
all this was a yesterday.

What is love never learned
but of friendship’s fun known
each for another concerned
even after we’d all grown.

An Affair: Part II


Going away
into the snow
school a job

Christmas Time
all are home
once more
telling tales.

Only this time
more are gone
not come home
far away now
in Vietnam.


Not all went
to Vietnam;
some to Korea
or WWII past
some still going
into mountains
cold and hot.

Still a nation
sends its youth
some more
mature than then
yet some die
and all live.

reunions less
memories hurt
grasping one
an affair again
lasting now.


Kill someone
do it now
spraying fire
into the bush
a foxhole
a tree forlorn
lobbing grenades
loading mortars
flying low
covering all
lonely no more
killing someone
letting them die
instead of us
while we all die
a little more
each time.

An Affair: Part III

The Flirting

First in movies
heroes who won
so many stories
of what they’d done

In novel and poem
non-fiction memory
allowing me to roam
being part of history.

Embracing so much
nothing ever fearing
just life to touch
as maturity nearing

It was my duty to go
my nation to serve
and opportunity to grow
nothing in reserve.

The flirting so long
more to be embraced
as words in a song
my trail to be traced


Every so balanced
do you deserve entry
are you good challenged
for this nation now free?

You have to pass a test
we’ll profile you first
we only take the best
enticing a new thirst.

A whirlwind courtship
knowing all the cues
a cadre’ of fellowship
we’ve our paid dues.

Awakening in a bed,
strangers all around
what is this dread
within me now found?

Naked and exposed
humanity in a line
a new life enclosed
without space or time.

Yet familiarity to grow
understanding new life
so much I didn’t know
as opened with a knife.


Self discipline follows
lifesaving routine drills
all that time allows
all work and no frills.

Day and even night
long timeless hours
learning to fight
against known powers

Adjustment to attitude
new moments thinking
little found gratitude
new memories linking

New thoughts found
unhinging the old
fertile this new ground
plowed to behold.

Routine as in condition
routine as in learned
routine as in motion
in a mission concerned.

An Affair: Part IV


Bantering and teasing
arguing and bickering
emotions conflicting
nature interfering.

Family and love
children to raise,
rudely to shove
war’s awful surprise

Angry is the wanton
demanding attention
battles to turn on
so much confusion.

There are no others
in this affair with death
no sisters or brothers
nor other lover’s breath

External Fires

Turmoil soft light
seeking the fuse
burning each night
mankind to use

External fires burn
within terror or war
another to spurn
and life’s to be torn.

Exquisitely to learn
fires eager haste
no time to discern
so much to waste.


Deluged in pain
no mercy asked
just internal stain
an affair so tasked.

The heat of lust
quickly to extinguish
intimacy to trust
unable to distinguish

Gardens to destroy
toys no longer seen
wives and kids to deploy
so many so mean

Other Lusts

So much to be done
missions which demand
then other lusts come
unable to understand.

Wasn’t I just a child
playing a game alone
now my world is wild
no where near a home?

Drums are beating
chilling all deep feeling
let astray in cheating
my values are reeling.

Supreme self discipline
routines from my past
seeing the veil now thin
another day to last.

Anger to be controlled
desires must put aside
this human evolved
as good does reside.

Other lusts now known
as temptations beguile
again freedoms shown
to do right with a smile.

An Affair: Part V

The Years

Oft I look back
and wonder
what did I lack
then ponder.

So many years
giving to one
so many tears
still not done

Effortless fades
the eternal time
closure in Hades
some fine line.

Wondering again
who ravaged who
when did it begin
was I the fool?

Thank You

Not many feeling
for what was done
even more in reeling
nothing really won.

Peace never found
uneasy rests a soul
amid silent sound
never again whole.

Passions inflamed
hateful or love
always blamed
a hawk not a dove.

Thank you for death
thank you for life
thank you for breath
thank you for strife.

Conflicts to raise
moments to reflect
valor to oft praise
in war’s neglect

No Movie Script

No movie script
written in peace
tranquil the writ
passions release

Disharmony needed
enemies and friends
good and bad heeded
to various ends.

Never to return
childhood a myth
dreams which burn
endlessly to bequeath.

Routine and discipline
not allowed to play
razors caught thin
death when I stray.

There were no nine
only cats are fools
death and life fine
our only real tools.

No understanding stupid
no brokering of games
death for the limpid
carelessness’ flames.

No re-writes or takes
first time takes all
no nonsense or mistakes
there was no first call.

Leave your heroes home
shining armor attracts
death comes alone
when another attacks.

No movie scripts written
wherein I did play a lead
only in this affair bidden
so long ago fed the seed.


There is none
why do you ask
where all won
at this awful task.

Intertwine a mind
bugle calls and taps
no peace to find
in dangers straps.

Peaceful sunsets
or lakes found calm
the roar of jets
as Gilead’s balm.

Fears of first love
not knowing the cost
or an inspector’s glove
within this life lost.

The environment’s shame
scars replaced in fields
no one takes the blame
where innocence yields.

We’ve all had an affair
where our mind and heart
seem to reside in thin air
forever lasting now a part.

Moments in time extend
healing some with care
while others to hell descend
and many go beyond feeling.

This is an ether world found
and how we traverse we are
in horror or silent in fears sound
dawns or sunset we see afar.)

An Affair: A Special Tribute

There are other days,
times rift with thanks
or even simple delays
within our many ranks.

But to give one a salute
being helped to stand
it is each flag resolute
a soldier does understand

Yet now in time my friend
I extend this salute to you
may honor never end
as you’ve followed through.

Memorial Day or Veteran’s
hard to tell them apart
entwined in life’s caravans
and always in my heart.

Tracings within poems here
deal with adventures found
with ideals ever so clear
amid taps humble sound.



Ready! Salute! Two!
This honor maybe late
Ready! Salute! Two!
In this affairs date