Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: A Wounded Nation(Prelude:

Grieving tears
where once heroes
shattered glass
where once homes
searing emotions
where once unity.

Caressing intelligence
blatant with lies
scantily clad disguises
blatant with sores
a wounded nation
blatantly attacked.

Within and without
traitors and tyrants
lusting in frenzy’s
traitors and cowards
greedy for power
traitors and others

Sadly the flag falls
children not to care
allegiance unworthy
children to wander
sacrifices selfish
children to swear.)


So many to win
elections and power
easier to be thin
with rhetoric flower

Split the heart
tear down a right
demand a part
to howl at night.

Who cares how
tearing all away
comfortable now
this way to stay.


Went to war
far away
came home
hell to pay

Did the right
did as told
helped others
freedom hold.

Went to war
not to stay
came home
unable to pray.

Hunted down
some spit upon
baby killers
on and on and on

Can’t understand
what changed
what was wrong
rights rearranged.

Hunted down
vilified as well
no more a home
just another’s hell
“Mean Spirited”


How many lies
how many wrongs
how much greed
how few truths.

Trading life’s
taking lucre
trading rights
taking power.

Turning away
hiding the light
deceit found
sadly tonight.

Double Blinds

Glitter and music
shameless displays
ticker tapes
gaudy colors
double blinds
mirrors distort
honor’s abuses
leading astray
killing our dreams
killing our dreams
killing our dreams.

Single Harnesses

What happened
the duration
full time to serve
life’s frustration
hearing of love
such confusion
double harnesses
plowing the row
working together
able to grow
pulling the load
truth’s to know

What happened
adultery, divorce
unable to wait
crying of choice
demanding now
stealing a voice
single harnesses
selfishly taken
commitment gone
greed to awaken
morals decaying
sadly mistaken

Gut Shot

No quick kills
randomly thought
depleting wills
in snares caught.

Made to suffer
rights denied
lies to uncover
veterans cried

Wounded alone
gut shot today
losing a home
homeless to stay


Give ‘em a medal
promise them a lie
rumors to settle
hoping they’ll die.

Thank you, go away
freedoms preserved
what more to say
yes you served.

Couldn’t go, didn’t go
ran and hid somewhere
bank accounts to grow
education to snare.

Thank you, enough
find a job if you can
life’s unfair and tough
fissures to unban.

Who cares yesterday
it’s gone to tomorrow
nothing more to say
nothing left to borrow.


All have equal rights
no matter the laws
individuals are animals
animals are individuals
dogs, cats, mice
rats, snakes, birds
cattle, pigs, hens
more important
in evolution
than the fetus
in the name
of rights
fought for
by another
where some
gave all
and all
gave some
so evolution
could change
for freedom
to now die.


Reasons for fighting
youth to die young
families to separate
freedoms so stung.

Putting out a flame
or making one bright
some taking away
others for the right

Gallant men/women
serving a cause
dying or surviving
a nation to pause

Honor to remember
to be one with all
memories of valor
will any hear the call?


Blood soaked bullets
left behind to find
where soldiers fell
unfound to remind.

Bleached bones bare
no names to write
where solders fell
in some wicked fight.

Sacrificed their all
never again to breathe
letters no longer write
this battlefield to leave


Charging into fire
harms way unending
unable to fight back
no help is pending.

Left alone to die
elimination the goal
fodder for some power
what price is a soul?

Pueblo, Indianapolis
Liberty call to sound
how many more to learn
in history not found

What is it in leaders
who with lives so play
seeing fodder not blood
their awful course to stay?

Without Feelings

Protests because of heroes
protests exercising rights
burning flags as excuses
anything good in their sites

Crosses and tombstones
barren in the snow cold
feelings proudly hidden
just emotions very old

A wounded nation cries
what happened and why
a wounded nation laments
so many want it to die.

No longer to feel warmth
no longer to feel love
no longer higher goals
no longer to look above.

Without feelings found
so many who’ve quit
only out for the today
on freedoms rights spit.


Carried in coffins
laid to rest today
lined by orphans
forgetting to pray

Lost a generation
finding nothing good
left waste’s confusion
wearing death’s hood.

Hearing the laments
cursing and screams
into lonely moments
and savage dreams

A wounded nation
unable to heal within
too much depravation
and desires to sin

Taps echoes no more
none to play or hear
our spirits robbed poor
with lies forever sheer)