Charles J. Ingerson


Pangs of hunger
fields to harvest
weaker not stronger
war not conquest

As a lad was told
‘A time to till
a time to sow
a time to care
a time to harvest
then only comes,
a time to eat.’

How much changed
how greedy is man
nature rearranged
free meals demand.

Now found no table
no meals by name
fed as the chattel
a crime of shame.

Sometimes in a hole
sometimes in the rain
sometimes only a bowl
most often in pain

War’s unaccountable
how another to live
suffering unreasonable
only history forgives.

Feeding the sick first
for the wounded caring
sometimes feeling thirst
so easy is the sharing.

Finally back home again
fear mounting within
not knowing how to begin
ever the distance thin.

Miles or thousands known
terror and hunger found
then to be left all alone
in humanity’s oft sound.

Dinner tables of choice
given the dirt and rain
finding friends to voice
screams in terror’s pain

Going back to the secure
going back to the real
going back to the pure
in wars only to heal