Charles J. Ingerson


Many of us
have been and gone
come back again
we write poetry
and some do teach
but we were not
mainstream thinking
or so it seems;

so no tenure offered
no poems to post
only dreams
and memories
yet still we
won’t be quiet
correcting wrong
and putting right
the colors
which wave
basked in light.

Can one but think
of anywhere
of anytime
of something
like what we’ve got
even if mostly forgot.

Freedoms are won
by those who give
freely for another
not where selfishness
resides instead of pride.

One may not remember
or wishes to forget
the founders
of this Nation
too fought
and risked
being hanged
for the cause.

How sad to find
those who criticize
unable to venture
forth at any risk
claiming rights truly
theirs from another
able to corrupt
away from values
known and sound.

Come now let’s
think of all
that’s good
seeking, finding
and thanking
those who could
be the soldier
so we who
no longer can
might live free.