Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: A July 4th Escape!
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Charles J. Ingerson
The year was 1839
the date July 4th
the place Columbia, MO
the event a freedom run
waving a small flag proud
their confinement long
yet plans had been made
escape was their goal;

Needing freedom their soul
thus chancing risk to take
three men now strong
wives involved knees bowed
one-half mile now to run
the place Columbia, MO
the date July 4th
the year was 1839

Parley P. Pratt not alone:
King Follet and Morris Phelps
cellmates true to the faith
and a 4th an apostate
held in a single room
planning an escape
not an easy thing to do
yet planned they did;

Horses soon were hid
a daylight run to do
thru crowds in poor shape
how faraway safety to loom
left behind the apostate
other left was their wraith
all to freedom[?] with helps
ultimately returning home!