Charles J. Ingerson


‘Just’ is a crazy word
when one looks to birth
many meanings heard
across this big earth.

But to be something
special is mostly inside
with warmth to bring
and happiness to abide.

A Grunt’s Daughter
or even for a son
the honor is broader
with accolades won.

Understanding the man
given time wounds heal
with love in command
emotions which seal.

A bit crazy coming home
is the way of all war
sometimes here or alone
a fragile psyche worn.

Loving those freedoms
cost something of all
fighting tyrants’ fiefdoms
when hearing a call.

So raise your head high
embrace this royalty born
knowing others do cry
so freedoms aren’t torn.

Author’s Note: A person in a Fantasy Football game – wrote to the group as we’re just now introducing ourselves (mostly Veteran’s) and said, “I’m just a grunt’s daughter.” The poem was written upon reading this