Charles J. Ingerson


Have I wondered
oft I’ve thought
even so pondered
in dreams caught

Of a common blessing
wherein I knew all
not in the dressing
but of a language’s call.

Maybe not much to find
many strongly resist
yet to seldom remind
communication to exist.

For when I a word use
whether it be verb or noun
it is never to you confuse
but in understanding found.

A common blessing here
one vocabulary finding
no longer in Babel to fear
but in a oneness binding

When I raise my voice
in a hymn to sing today
or to in gladness rejoice
or listen to another pray;

there is no confusion
and this is the reason
I find myself in confession
during this sacred season.

Let me not be mistaken
for America and England
or where English spoken
as Canada or New Zealand;

Australia to name some
can communicate quite free
in wars past and to come
in alliance for all to see.

There is a bond found
a common blessing seen
from this spoken sound
where others can glean.

Oh don’t mistake me
please understand today
all Nations can be free
because united we pray.

Remember all Nations
Remember all Voices
Remember all Passions
provide freedom’s choices.

Yet and forever are two
united, allies and forever
will be found to be true
when evil will say never.

It is a common blessing
to the world at large
even as a soldier’s dressing
that one voice take’s charge.

How oft I look far above
hearing His sacred voice
filled with forever love
one with all to rejoice.