Len A. Hynds

Len A. Hynds

Born in 1930, Len served in Egypt, Palestine and the Sudan as a Military Policeman, and later as a police officer in London, then CID at Scotland Yard (The Flying Squad or as known in England ‘The Sweeney’).

He ran his own business until aged 74 when he went down with throat cancer and had his vocal cords taken away to prevent the cancer spreading. Unable to make any sound, it was then discovered the pharynx could still vibrate. Already a neck breather, (mouth and nose redundant), he had another operation and now, by placing his thumb over the hole in his neck, he can divert air being expelled from the lungs, up through a valve past the pharynx which makes it vibrate, and a trembling sound comes out of the mouth: He learnt to talk again .

Len attended the University of Kent in Canterbury and graduated in Creative Writing and Poetry in 2007 at the age of 77. He writes for several publications, and has a monthly column with Web Whispers of America.

He is thrice disabled: “metallic heart valves, pacemaker, and a few other odd bits and pieces, but I’m very fit really.”

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