Karen J. Hughes


The guns are silent, the smoke has cleared,
the sun has risen again.
Across the fields, heaped in trenches
are the bodies of those who were slain.

You fought and killed and hated and starved
for Freedom, I know you were told.
It’s here. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Do you know?
Perhaps… for those not so old.

Time has turned your body weak
And you must depend on me.
Once so brave and strong and proud
It’s I who decides what you need.

I feed you, I bathe you, I help you get dressed
I give you your pills each day.
You think it’s my job, I just do what I’m told
but like you, there’s more than I say.

I watch you secretly with my own eyes
and search to see within
because I think who you are now
is not who you once may have been.

Somewhere within is a little child
who would laugh, give hugs and run
until War came and stole him away
and replaced his grin with a gun.

Do you feel peace when you close your eyes?
Or at times do you hear your friend cry?
The war is now over but how many times
do you still see your best friend die?

The halls are now quiet, the lights are dim
It’s time for sleep to come.
I turn your body, and change the linen
thinking rest is won.

But I know it will never be enough –
all the things I do and say
to repay you for the life you gave
so that I could live today.