Bobby Huckaby

Bobby HuckabyA singer/songwriter, Bobby was born and raised in Oklahoma and now lives in Tonopah, Arizona with his wife Jo. Writing is his first love and he has been penning songs since the age of 16 and recently decided to try his hand at poetry.

Bobby loves handicapped children, and old people, and that commitment is reflected in his unstinting involvement in his community.


Like a giant oak tree, reachin’ to the sky
Its roots planted deeply, very much alive

Its life source, from the soil of our labors
Its future, from the labors of our souls

It stands tall, and proud, and all it can be
Like our soldiers, who’s roots keep us free

And as the heavens, water the giant oaks
Our tears, the soldier’s roots will soak

Making them strong, and full of life
For their country, their kids and wife

In my eyes, no-one can fill their boots
Don’t forget the soldiers
Don’t forget their Roots