Bianca L. Howell

Bianca L. Howell

Bianca L. Howell: I Am an Australian
Born in Murray Bridge, South Australia in February 1998, Bianca wrote her poem while in year 7 at St Joseph Catholic School. She is the daughter of Sharon and Cary Howell, the older sister of brother Jarrod, and the grand-niece of Anthony W. Pahl OAM, the webmaster and literary editor of the IWVPA website.


I am an Australian
And so I’m proud to say
I live upon this great land
So I am grateful every day

With its endless horizons
And mountain ranges long
Australia’s radiance calls out
Like the most beautiful song

A smile spreads across my lips
As I gaze out at this land
Australia really is unique
With its gum tress and dusty red sand

As I look out at this country
I’m overwhelmed with glee
Because I am an Australian
And I am so proud to be