Sam Houston

At the time of writing this poem, Sam was attending St. James Primary School in Muswellbrook, NSW. Sam won the 2nd National Poetry Day schools competition in 1999. Neither his Father nor Grandfather are Veterans, but this young lad, feels strongly for all brave soldiers, and is so very much against war.


One dark and eerie rainforest night
When deadly bombs supply the light
A courageous soldier consumed by law
Was sent off to a brutal war

He hides inside the dirty trenches
His ravenous stomach churns and wrenches
The sound of guns in his ears
A violent death is all he fears

Fearless soldiers plummet into the mud
Their light, tattered uniforms engulfed in blood
He’s commanded to seriously get down low
As he fights beside the brave front row

He dives onto the tangled barb – wire
The merciless enemy viciously fire
A volley of bullets into the sky
An army of soldiers slowly fry

A hideous wasteland of suffering holes
A tiny fight – a tiny seed
Grew into a war proposed by greed

A Veteran awakes from his horrible dream
And makes a silent, withered scream
He remembers the horrid moans and groans
He remembers the stench of burning bones

He remembers the huge, metallic tanks
He remembers the general and other ranks
He silently starts to cry and weep
And he slowly drifts back to sleep

This elderly man now burns in dismay:
War is a horrible price to pay.