Galen Hoover


These are the Veterans of Vietnam we hear nothing about,
and what they went through – but we never say a pout,
when we were real bad beside our beds they were knelt,
keeping us smiling – despite how we felt.

They had no idea of what we’d been through,
and had no idea of what we were returning to,
a lot of us believe that they went through more than us,
because everyday they were ankle deep in the blood and the buts.

As the song was written “and the beat goes on”,
but then “9 to 5” was the title of another song,
all they saw was death, destruction and misery,
but yet for us a smiling face was all we could see.

They sat and talked to some during their last surviving hours,
and then supposedly forget them with a long cold shower,
we were wounded, scared and homesick all at one time,
but they never failed to cheer us or give us a good sign.
Yes, if you ask me their blood flows red, white and blue,
dear round eyes what would we have done without you,
so give them the statue they deserve with outs and then,
we’ll be able to say once more,