James Hooker

James HookerThe Grammy Award Winning co-founder of “The Amazing Rhythm Aces” was born July 20th, 1948, in Winnsboro, South Carolina and now makes his home in County Tipperary, Ireland. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brown Sr. and is the divorced father of three daughters.

James began working nightclubs during his 9th grade year, and after a music career that included James joining Steve Winwood in 1983 for a European tour, he took part in the ARMS concert at The Royal Albert Hall, and the subsequent American tour in 1983/84. In 1986, James joined Winwood again for the “Back in the High Life” tour.

1987 saw James join Nanci Griffith. He’s been Nanci’s bandleader since then. He’s having fun and says he’ll play keys for the rest of his days.


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Verse 1

Just yesterday was high school
Now I’m Death at a thousand meters
Hanging out with the boys
There’s no good way to say this
This damned old road is rough
Hanging out with the boys
This desert is a lot like home
Faces never change
Though sometimes the names get lost in the wind
All of my friends have gone on to finer things
And think of me time to time, I hope
Hanging out with the boys
On the line

Verse 2

Grandfather told me
The best years of his life was spent
Hanging out with the boys
Apparently Belgium was a bitch
But he still had his fun
Hanging out with the boys
I had a second cousin loose his life on the Mekong
In a lot of smoke and noise
Maybe the last thing he saw
In those weeds
Was the sight of those smiling faces
He never thought he’d see again
Hanging out with the boys
On that line

Verse 3

I sleep at night on the mountain
I sleep tonight on the sea
Hanging out with the boys
I guess that The Mona Lisa’s
Just gonna have to
Wait to see me
I’m hanging out with the boys
Till I catch that Freedom Bird
Back to the banks of The Santee
I’ll be hanging out with the boys

James Hooker: Hanging Out With the Boys