Raymond A. Hiraldo


Even though I might have spoken to them when they wore a civilian disguise
Before 9/11 I have never seen a uniformed U.S. soldier with my own eyes
I passed by a young M-16 armed soldier who was ready to defend this country
A nation that prefers to risk itself for strangers than feed its own hungry

One life for many is the foundation of a soldier’s perilous job
Eating rations that probably taste like moldy corn on the cob
Fearless soldiers of before and today with the lowest or highest ranks
With all my heart I want to say, “I appreciate you, and many thanks”

To the soldier whose blood was spilled so that the roads to freedom could be paved
Rest in peace, and know that your sacrifice allowed for many other lives to be saved
To the families of passed away soldiers or soldiers presumed fatally missing in action
I’m sorry for your hefty loss, but don’t worry because God’s light has a strong attraction

To the politicians and governing bodies of the great United States
There must be better ways of relieving other countries from dire straits
How many more images do you want of bloody soldiers lying dead on a floor?
When will you realize that words also have the power to prevent or end a war?

For the soldiers who came back from facing more opposition than a resistor’s ohm
I congratulate you all on a job superbly well done, now relax and welcome home!