Lisa I. Hilbers


Stand on that flight deck, and count those planes come in,
Knowing how many went out, that’s when the sorrow begins.
Eight went out, and seven came back,
In the feelings of daily loss, your heart begins to crack.
Somewhere thousands of miles out in the troubled sea,
There are ships cutting through the waves, to keep America Free.
Navy Pilots and Marines, gathered to fight a cause,
And they’ll do their job, without hesitation or pause.
While many rally each day, to stop this thing called war,
They’ll raise their voices loudly, like all the conflicts before.
I’m not sure I comprehend, where their thoughts may lie,
For if it weren’t for fighting men, their rights to protest would die.
The Japanese in World War Two, Bin Laden on Nine Eleven,
Sent many unsuspecting souls, to the golden gates of Heaven.
Not only did they attack our land, they dramatically changed our ways,
And he sends the threat of fear, to do it all again someday.
Go stand on that flight deck, and count those planes come in,
And while you are standing there, give thanks to good ole’ Bin.
Let’s don’t forget about Saddam, that for years has vowed our destruction,
Don’t doubt for a moment, those weapons are not under construction.
So hold those protest signs real high,
And give him a target at best.
If you think that Saddam is not evil,
You’re living in a world of jest.