Stephen R. Henninger


Thanksgiving is here but our soldiers are not
We’re thinking of them in their sandy lot
We’re thinking of them in the valleys and the mountains
In areas that no doubt could be forgotten
We’ll have mom’s turkey and gravy and all the fixings
Hoping that some of them will be home for Thanksgiving
The ones that remain to serve and stand watch
We hope they will forgive us as we partake from the pot
One thing I can tell you this day of Thanksgiving
The boys will be remembered in my prayer of giving
I pray that they are protected from danger and harm
And spend this holiday as if they were home on the farm
Remembering the good times with family and friends
Sharing the joys and food with all the odds and ends
For those in the field we hope they stay safe
I’ll make sure the table has a plate for their place
Until they all come home and all is at peace
Every Holiday will have their plate at my feast

Author’s Note: As we celebrate Thanksgiving, tomorrow November 26, 2009 we remember those that are standing watch on our behalf and we thank them for their dedication and sacrifice in protecting us and our Country.