Kenneth L. Hayes

Kenneth Hayes - Korea 1952
Kenneth Hayes - Korea 1952
Kenneth Hayes was born in 1930 south of Kansas City, Missouri. He had finished high school and was getting ready for college to become a minister, religious, when the Korea War started.

His brother and he enlisted in the US Air Force, as that was the fastest one to get into. After tech school he was slated for shipment and joined up with the 319th FIS going to Korea. They sailed on the CVE USS Sitkoh Bay and took the first all-weather jet fighters into K-13, Suwon. His first job was guarding supply trains until their planes arrived. Their job at the base was to keep the planes flying, and to defend the airbase against attack.

After his tour Kenneth went to Texas and after discharge, he stayed, and worked for the USAF until the base closed, then for Texas Instruments, who developed the smart bombs for the Gulf War, until retirement.

Kenneth L. Hayes lost his final fight with cancer, Tuesday July 2, 2002 at 1:30pm. He loved writing about the war. He will really be missed.

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