Jan Hartzog

Jan has had a love of writing all her life. As the daughter of a World War II veteran she learned early on to never take our freedoms and way of life for granted. From this, the idea for this book was born.

Her poems have been published in “Promises To Keep” and “A Time To Be Free”, both published by Quill Books, and three yearly volumes of poetry published by The National Library of Poetry. She was twice awarded the Editor’s Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry for her works. She works as an office manager for a produce company in Mission, Texas where she lives. She and her Husband, Henry, have two grown children, Justin and Ashley. “Vanishing Heroes” is her first book.


Have you ever paused to think how much our freedom’s cost?
So many different wars, so many lives now lost.
As we enjoy another day free to come and go,
Let’s give a word of thanks to all who made that so.

To all the brave souls, willing to fight,
Risking their lives for all of our rights.
Willing to go far from their homes,
Willing to die in lands unknown.

Let’s never forget that December day
When we lost so many on that Hawaiian bay.
And those who carried the cargo, said to end the war,
Struck by a torpedo, the Indy would sail no more.

And all the brave men on an island far away
Who raised Old Glory once again, and still she flies today.
All the unsung heroes of a thankless, senseless war
Who fought and died so willingly, what was it all for?

Through all the wars and countless places
They were there, these nameless faces.
So if you love your freedom, say thank you to a vet,
Their sacrifice was not in vain, and we shall NOT FORGET.

Author’s Note: This poem is included in my book, Vanishing Heroes which is detailed on my website of the same name, and may be purchased through BookSurge.com and Amazon.com.

“Vanishing Heroes” by Jan Hartzog
“Vanishing Heroes” by Jan Hartzog