James Carolyn Harris

JC and Dwane Harris
JC and Dwane Harris
JC is named in honor her Uncle James who was killed on Luzon Island a few months before she was born. JC’s mom was very close to her brother and chose to honor him by naming her daughter, James. JC considers the real honor be hers because her Uncle James, despite being wounded several times, continued to help his men until the very end… he gave all.

Esker J. “Junior” Williams: May 16, 1923 – September 22, 2005

Looking for words my mind’s in a swirl.
I want to tell you about this man who helped to make up my world.
He was tall and strong like the big oak tree.
He was gentle and kind, calming as a soft summer breeze.
He had eyes as blue and the bluest sky.
In them showed every emotion a man could realize.
He always had a smile on his face;
Words spoken softly, never in haste.
He lived by a creed –
God first, country, family and friends, then me.