Van E. Harl


I was at a gun show recently. There were actually two retail operations going on in the same convention hall. The gun show and a consumer electronics sales show. Each gun dealer set up a couple of eight foot tables to sell their products. Only a few feet away, divided by a removable partition, were stacks of large speakers hooked up so a potential customer could check out the quality of the sound. This involved cranking up the sound as loud as the speakers could put out and, unfortunately, blasting the gun show participants. The sound truly hurt your ears. There were complaints on Friday by the gun show folks about the loud music. The complaints continued on Saturday as the music also continued to get turned up to an extreme volume.

Gun dealers need to be able to use their cell phones to call in required background checks on a potential buyer. Normal conversation could not be conducted as the music was repeatedly cranked up. The management of the convention hall did not control the situation.

On Sunday it got ugly. The people selling the speakers were of Middle Eastern origin. I am not sure what country they came from. Folks selling from tables closest to the speakers started yelling over the partition to the electronics people. Rude comments about their country of origin were repeatedly made and references to the alleged Middle Eastern folks returning immediately to their native country were yelled out. This of course upset the men selling the speakers and the volume was cranked up to max levels and left there. Eventually the city police department was called in. Cooler heads prevailed and both sides decided to behave for the remaining hours of the show.

I saw in that short war of words between the two groups of people who were quickly brought out of their comfort zone by what amounted to some unpleasant noise, what is coming in the future in this country.

Very hard times are coming to this country. The loss of employment and the “safety net” everyone in this country wrongly believes will always be there to hold back life’s pain, is going to create many more of these “ugly” situations. You think loud speakers are a reason for verbal altercations, try no speaker noise at all. When the power goes off for weeks at a time, the silence will be deafening. Cheap oil, cheap natural gas and cheap water (what runs our Front Range) are what make our lives so wonderful in the US. Cut off any one of those three and you will not have to travel to the far corners of the world to witness the “ugly American.” Americans do not do well in even the shortest times of discomfort. Try telling them gas is $10 a gallon and they can only get twenty gallons a week to live on.

So you have some minority group living in your area and you perceive they are not suffering as much as you from loss of fossil fuel. Suddenly all that liberal “lets all get along and have diversity stuff” flies out the window you have opened, because your air conditioning will not work. You can only blame the government for so long, as you build your out-house in your back yard. You will find someone from outside your used-to-be safe middle class world to blame for your misery. Minorities are an easy target for our unchecked anger. If these minorities are believed to be of illegal origin, you may have little patience with them. Again Americans do not suffer well or quietly, we can be “ugly.”

As I have said before, a hundred year ago the richest man in town knew how to light a kerosene lamp and find his way to the outhouse. Now the poorest person in America has electric lights and flush-plumbing. We have no idea what it would be like to live in the US the way most third world countries do. Imagine what your daily life would be like if your electricity was cut off for a month and you were told to be happy when it does come back on, for a few hours each day. I would become an ugly American very quickly, and I am somewhat prepared.

What group of fellow Americans will you take your anger out on, for the loss of your old way of life? Prepare to defend what you have, but leave the “little” guy alone. He suffers also. Ammo and seeds, just buy them now.