Van E. Harl


It is against Federal law to enter the United States without the expressed permission of this country. It is not against any Federal law, state statute, or local ordinances for an American of African descent to travel anywhere they choose. It is against Federal law for a person who has entered the United States without permission, to obtain employment. Regardless of past history, there are no known laws that prohibit an African-American from getting up every morning and going to his work place. An African-American rightfully belongs in this country. Notice the word rightfully as in it is her “right” to be here. The person, who crosses our borders without permission of this country, has violated the laws of this land and they are illegally present on US soil. An emphasis is on the word illegal, as in illegal alien.

I was watching a movie on TV. During the commercial break I was flipping channels and found myself on the Fox News Channel watching the Hannity and Colmes show. Colmes the liberal one was discussing the alleged derogatory use of the phrase “illegal alien.” He was trying to convince the audience that calling a person who had violated Federal law by entering the United States without permission, an “illegal alien,” was somehow just as derogatory as calling an African- American a “nigger.” Of course they could not use that word; they had to keep saying the N-word. The word “nigger” is extremely offensive. Equating it with the phrase “illegal alien” and implying this “picking on” of people who are not suppose to be in our country in the first place, is just as offensive, it’s ridiculous. African-Americans do not warrant or deserve such an affronting and insulting title.

A person who enters this country in violation of emigration laws is in fact an alien of illegal status. But for some reason we should not hurt the feelings of Federal scofflaws by labeling them with something as shameful and mean spirited as “illegal alien.” If a person has sexual intercourse with an infant child, they are a baby rapist. We do not call them an “Infant Sexually Enhancement Technologist” just so we do not hurt their feelings. We don’t call the rapist an “un-documented felon” meaning that until he is caught and the paperwork of his legal case is processed, he really has not “legally” committed the crime of baby raping. We call them what they are, violators of the laws of the United States.

I don’t want to hear about the fact that these “illegal aliens” pay sales taxes and somehow this equates to good citizenship. They still had to violate numerous laws before ever buying that first taxable item at a US store. And I also do not want to hear “so who is going to pick your lettuce?” I personally am in favor of large scale “guest worker programs” and the generous legal immigration of potential new citizens.

But the truth of the matter is: both sides of the border do not really want any “guest worker programs” that brings in legitimate workers, workers who can demand fair wages and benefits. If we had a well-managed, alien worker program, we could then enforce much tighter controls of our borders. The folks south of the border do not want that to ever happen. The US is the economy of Mexico. Stop the illegal flow from the south and you will paralyze the Nation of Mexico. Stop the illegal flow to the north and all the alleged needed, under the table jobs go unfilled.

We have become a service-oriented society. 80% of the jobs in this country are service related, but white northern European descended Americans, do not want to wait tables and wash cars. Black America has figured out they don’t want to do it either. So we need these folks from outside our borders, we just don’t want to admit it and we don’t want to pay them what they are worth.

We must have these immigrants, but we must have them legally and we must control our borders. And please don’t try to tell me that by calling people, who violate our immigration laws “illegal,” somehow is as offensive as calling an American citizen who belongs here, who is “black” the N-word. You do a major disservice to – no it is total disrespect of our laws and to our African-Americans citizens.