Van E. Harl


“Dad, if the survivalists are hoarding all the ammo, what are the deer hunters going to use, you know if there is no hunting, there will be more automobile accidents and more people will get killed.” This from my daughter?

I was sitting at the kitchen table explaining to the Colonel and my precious offspring that Wal-Mart at the National level was running extremely low on ammunition. I understand that a memo from the home office was sent out instructing the local store, sporting goods departments to stop ordering more ammo. If any ammo is shipped to Wal-Mart by the factories then it will be distributed out, but until then don’t text us, we’ll text you. The local Colorado Springs stores are having days this week where there is no handgun ammo on the shelves. The rifle calibers that are the same as military ammo are also missing. Oh you can still find the $60-a-box designer rifle ammo but people don’t shoot that out of a “black rifle.” If you want 223 Remington, which is the same thing the military shoots in its M-16 rifle, it is getting harder to find.

The big name ammunition manufacturing companies in the US have an annual production schedule set up years ahead of time and something involving a liberal, anti-gun presidential candidate is not usually factored into a production run. Prior to 9/11 there were ammunition manufacturers all over the world making cheap ammo and happy to sell it at discounted prices on the US market, undercutting the American manufacturers. Now that we have us a shooting war that takes a lot more ammunition to train the new troops on, even the Department of Defense is looking for extra ammo.

Until a couple of years ago you could get all kinds of communist or former communist ammo at great prices. We may not really like those Bolsheviks, but we love to shoot their cheap ammo. The problem is all those freedom fighters living in caves in Afghanistan and other “’stans” need ammo and are driving up the price of even the communist ordnance.

If you have Saudi petrol-dollars to pay for your killing supplies, you can bid up the price of anything, to include ammunition. If the honest, law abiding American gun owners are legally buying up the entire Nation’s free market ammunition, what are the gang bangers going to do for re-supply when their spring drive-by shooting season starts? Maybe this is a conspiracy by the good guys to keep the bad guys from being able to practice their life’s profession.

The drug wars of Old Mexico are slowing simmering into an all out war. You cannot legally own firearms in Mexico, except if you are a Mariachi singer (they all seem to have guns on when you watch them on Univision). However anyone can get his hands on a firearm in Mexico. But where do they come from? Well they certainly are not coming up from South America by mule train. Most of the guns in Mexico are coming from the US. Nobody in Mexico is checking the guest workers as they head south for Christmas vacation from the meat packing plants of the US mid-west. Hundreds of thousands of firearms both stolen and legally bought in the US are moved south every year. Of course if you can’t buy guns in Mexico then you can’t buy ammo either. So there goes a whole bunch more of our scarce ammunition.

But what if it is a liberal east coast deer-generated conspiracy? There are way too many white tail deer on Long Island and Connecticut. They have an off the chart rate of Lymes disease because of the deer. Those deer know they are the problem, but if you start an ammo buying panic, maybe, just maybe the hunters will not have the means to harvest the overpopulation of liberal free-range deer. Oliver Stone needs to look into this issue. I wonder how the deer in Mexico are handling this problem. Of course if you cannot own guns, then I guess there is no deer season down there.

More deer are taken in Wisconsin every year by the bumper of a car than a hunter’s rifle, but if ammo is scarce perhaps folks need to start welding on large pieces of protective steel to their vehicle frames. Even cute Bambi can ruin your day if he hits your windshield at 60 MPH. Hunters start stocking up. You other legal gun owners keep up the pace.