Robert A. Hall

Robert A. HallRobert A. Hall is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, having served four years in the regulars from 1964-68 and another six in the reserves while a state senator (1977-83), finishing with the rank of Staff Sergeant.

A frequently-published freelance writer, Hall’s columns, articles, short stories and poetry have appeared in over 50 local and national publications, including Chicken Soup for the Veteran’s Soul. His collection of anecdotes about the Marines and politics, The Good Bits, was published in 2005. For info and a sample, log on to

Hall has been an association executive since 1982. Currently he’s Executive Director of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Madison, WI. Prior to entering the field of association management, Hall served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He was first elected in 1972, the year he graduated from college, defeating an incumbent by nine votes. He was reelected four times by increasing margins, including being nominated by both parties in 1976. He retired undefeated in 1982.

Hall holds a BA in government from the University of Massachusetts (1972), a MEd in history from Fitchburg State College (1980) and is a Certified Association Executive.

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