Larry Hager

Larry served as a Medic in the 542nd Medical Company, 58th Medical Battalion in Vietnam (1965-1966). For the most part, the Company was located inland from Qui Nhon near a village call Phu Thong, but was later divided up with one Platoon moved to Ane Ke in the Central Highlands and eventually to the Delta. Larry is very proud to have served in Vietnam and thinks of that time often but reflects that it was over 39 years ago and counting and asks, “Where has all the time gone?”

Residing in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Larry and his wife Anita have two children and two grandchildren (aged 3½ and 20 months). As usual with grandparents, they cant’ get enough of their grandchildren and Larry reckons that, as the old story goes, they should have had their grandkid before their kids.

Blessed with many gifts over the years, particularly good health and a great family, Larry has been involved with the Scouting movement for more than 30 years.


Veterans Day – a day to shop?
Sales galore and Mall’s to hop.
Some are off while others toil.
Did we forget those called to protect our soil?

A day to remember is a better choice.
Not all returned and cannot voice
The roles they played to makes us free,
And gave so much we all agree.

November 11th is just a day
But, we need to reflect and often pray.
So many gave all they had
And lost their lives it is so sad.

Don’t forget on this holiday eve
All who sacrificed so we are free.
Take a moment to remember them,
And thank a vet for they remember when.

©Copyright November 2002 by Larry Hager