Corey Elizabeth Habbas

Corey E. HabbasBorn and raised along the Southern California coast, Corey spent a decade as a painter and photographer before she gave up those mediums for the pen. After a six-year career as a web-applications developer for a large telecommunications company she has turned to writing. Her articles, poetry and short fiction have been featured in “Newtopia Magazine”, “Poetry Super Highway”, “Azizah Magazine” and “Myriad: A Creative Arts Journal”. Corey holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from California State University of Redlands.

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One year a mudslide tore across the river
rippling water that softened the drought-soil,
an underwater spring of sweat flowing in tandem

with a sculptors hand. Nature gave her queues
along with divine artistic gift to create, to mother,
to feel no shame in shaping his brimming sacks, and

his relaxed trunk rooted beneath a river, splitting it
beyond her control. She works the clay. As she labors,
he nearly transforms himself. She’ll have to tell him this.

Each night she covered him with white cloth, dipped
in the river. He played away from the kiln. He lit
secret flames smaller than fireflies and more numerous.

When he left, akimbo under a mackerel sky, she dressed
him in emerald flora so clear to render him invisible but rage
deepens a presence. He came back in sand-blasted fatigues.

He came back belonging to another fauna. He stopped
growing. He just rose, flooding Weeping Water as if it needed
more tears. When she found him upon the shoal,

her rusty hands measured him with a small-town stencil
as forklifts worked the limestone quarries. She hadn’t touched
clay in a lifetime but he had hardened.

Author’s Note: “Coming Back to Weeping Water, Nebraska” tells of a soldier who returns to his hometown.