Renay Marie Groves

Renay Marie Groves
“Future generations will know and understand only if you write of your experiences.”
Renay enlisted in the Canadian Forces in St John’s, Newfoundland and is currently a Sergeant based in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

During her time in the Canadian Forces Renay has been inspired her to write about her experiences. This index includes some of the poetry that has been inspired by those experiences. A writer for most of her life, Renay usually writes only when something touches her heart. Her five hundred poems will someday be handed down to her dear children, which was her sole intention from the time of penning her first poem.

A co-worker read her poem, “A Canadian Soldier, I Am” and a short time later, Renay was asked to read it at the a Ceremony on Parliament Hill on June 6, 2003. There were many requests for a copy of the poem but, at the time, she had none on hand.

The acceptance of that poem caused her to contemplate sharing her writings despite her concern that readers may not understand or appreciate her endeavours. She thought, “What if it wasn’t good enough to show the world: how would I handle that?” The thought then occurred to her that if there was only one poem that touched one life, sharing will have been worth while. On that premise, she has submitted these poems to share with other so that they may judge and decide their value.

Index of Writings


I want my children to know,
My experiences helped me grow.
They will have questions about my life,
The laughter, love, and little strife.
Though often details leave, as we grow old,
But, with poetry, the tiny facts they will hold.
Later in life they will wonder what got them here,
Written it I have, you must not fear.
Life for me has been a great one,
Just like the stars and evening sun.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to My Darling Children, Nathan Christopher and Madison Jaqueline