Theresa R. Griffin

Theresa, 54, was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida and now resides in Panacea, Florida with her husband of 37 years, Ralph and their two adopted children Kailey (13) and Tyson (5). Her birth children, Darrian and Jennifer, are now adults with children of their own. Theresa has 10 grandchildren from the ages of 18 years to 9 months; all very precious and blessings from God.

Both she and Ralph love the Lord with all of their hearts and serve Him as best they can. They were blessed by the Lord with a ministry (Brotherly Love Ministries) giving them opportunity to have fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ, ministering to them by sharing the word of God and through their singing.

Theresa, being shy in nature, can freely express her thoughts and the things dear to her heart through her poetry. She found that writing her innermost feelings in the form of poetry brought a sense of peace and comfort and prayed that if it brought her comfort that those that happened to read the whispers from her heart would also find comfort. Humor also plays a big part in her writings. She believes that every day situations that may sometimes bring aggravation, can also bring humor to life if taken in stride.

Having friends and relatives serving in the armed forces now and in the past, and having lost friends from school in Vietnam, Theresa felt led by the Lord to write the prayer that was in her heart in the form of the poem, “Our Prayer For Our Soldiers” feeling that it would bring a form of comfort to the men and women serving their country and to their families. “God be with them all.”

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