Grey Eagle


American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen
have again gone in harm’s way today.

Not willingly, not with blood lust,
but with caution and a grim determination to prevail.

Know you all that some will not come home again.
Know you all that some will become prisoners.
Know you all that we will not leave them this time.

All will go in harms way to protect the freedoms we hold so dear.
All are ready to give the ultimate gift to their brothers and sisters.

All pray to their God for victory
and for the safe return of their friend
from this mission that must be carried out.

All are afraid as they should be,
for fear causes thought
and thought prevents needless deaths of brothers and sisters.

Their fear is tempered with anger that is white hot at its core
and directed to the ungodly foes of our people and nation.

They shall prevail and we shall prevail,
we shall welcome them home as the true heroes that they are.