Grey Eagle


It is always an honor and a privilege to command people for no matter you, as a commander, must always remember that your troops are, in fact, people; they are human beings.

They are human beings with hopes and dreams and plans and loved one’s who care for them and who pray for their safe return. They are not fodder to be tossed away. Their lives count and matter.

As a commander, it is neither required and, in fact, not wanted that you be liked and loved, for this may be a detriment to your ability to command.

It is however required that your troops respect you and your knowledge. They must have faith in the fact that you will not knowingly place them in harms way that you yourself would not face.

As commander, you must lead by your actions and deeds not by your words for words are hollow and cannot be trusted.

The first thought of any type of leader must be for the welfare of his people at all times. This is true no matter whether your are a captain of a ship or a commander in the military: you must always think of your people first.

You must provide the example; you must never let your personal feelings interfere with your judgment in the commanding of your unit or ship. All decisions must be for the welfare of the unit, ship and the accomplishment of the mission at hand.

You must be able to send men to their deaths knowing that they had no chance to survive their mission, your troops must be willing to pay the ultimate price for you and your cause or mission, you must tell their families of their deaths and you must live with yourself for all eternity with the knowledge of what you have done.

This is your burden as a commander, for it is you who must in many cases decide who will live today and who will die today. You hold the mortal dreams of men and their families in your hands and you must at all costs hold dear the price about to be paid.

No soldier wants to die; all are however, by the nature of their calling, willing to pay the ultimate price and to give the ultimate sacrifice; so that their brothers may live, and their just cause to continue.

You must always remember: