Grey Eagle


5th Special Forces and Special Operations Group Teams: LAOS and CAMBODIA

5th Special Forces Group

Special Forces: MIA = 102
Special Forces: KIA = 306

Special Forces Medal of Honor Recipients: 19 (15 posthumous)

There were never more than a combined total of 50 teams (300 troops) at any time

Special Operations Group: MIA = 56
Special Operations Group: KIA = 190

All wounded at least once, most multiple times – a casualty rate of 100 percent

For those who are unaware, we paid our dues in blood.
We did not exist and still do not today,
but our blood has paved your way.
Remember us, even though we did not exist;
remember us brothers, and never forget.

Do not forget our toll.
Do not forget our price.
Do not forget, or we have died in vain.
Do not forget our brothers.
Do not forget.