Grey Eagle


Silently, gliding through the night’s realm
No sounds at all, no trace of the passing
Shadows moving within the shadows, mere
Flickers, and glimpses of the stripes.

Those stripes hold such terror and invoke
Fear to those not of the night’s deadly realm.
Stripes so silent and deadly; stripes that in the
Dark foreboding shadows of the jungles night,
Show no color, only present glimpses of shapes
In the shadows, shadows that hide dark and fearsome
Creatures that kill with no sound and leave no sign.

What kind of fearsome creature is it that evokes such
Fear and terror? These stripes are not gold and black;
These creatures wear stripes of black and green and
Have green and black stripes on their faces.

Some are only Black Shadows, no stripes, no marks;
Just dark shapeless shapes that live in the Dark Shadows.
Shapes that strike without a sound and leave no trace:
No trace except for Death. Death is their mark.
The only sign of their presence: cold lifeless bodies.

What are these unholy creatures that inhabit the night?
Where do they come from? Why were they there?
Dark silent, slashing death in the dark, what are they?

What are they? Where do they come from?
What do they want? Where do they sleep?

Questions that will never be answered;
Answers that can never be given

Death and destruction is what they brought.
Their death was the price; their death meant your life.
Their death meant that you would live and you would go home.

They paid their price; they paid the Devil for you.
Now they sleep, sleep in the Dark Shadows of Death’s Realm.
Do not forget the Shadows… Do not forget the Shadows.