Grey Eagle


Our world was shades of green and brown and black.
The greens and browns represented light and life for all that was around.

The black was death from which we, and death, came.
There were some that believed we were one and the same.

Six silent men in green and in black
six silent men who do not look back.
Their back trail is clear,
there is no sound of their passing,
no trace of their presence
as they filter through the jungle like dark shadows of the night.

No heroes here, no secrets to steal,
just six silent men who do not seem real.
Like shadows they glide thru the night’s dark realm,
their mission, to gather the stories the night tries to hide,
to send these stories to others far away,
so that they would know too
of the movements in the shadows so far away.

Six silent men, like wraiths they did go;
to make contact would to be to die,
so far away from helps friendly light,
they quietly faced their fears and made ready to fight.

To make contact was to die, and die they did,
so that others far away would know of the movements
in their dark shadow world.

Six silent and valiant men who did what they must:
Many did not survive and returned to the dust,
to sleep the sleep of the fallen warriors for that was their fate
that and no one to know of their terrible final fate.

No heroes here, no secret missions for glory,
just six silent troops who have gone to their glory.

Six silent men, who will never return
and now rest quietly beneath the canopy of their shadow world,
six silent warriors who have gone to another world.

My friends, in death and in your life, your deeds so bold,
so full of heroism and valor must still remain untold,
for even in death, you cannot exist,
for to tell of your glory and the way that you died,
would once again prove that our leaders lied.

So sleep my friends in heavens honored glory,
for there are some left who know your true story,
why did you die and why did I live,
only the gods of war can answer that.

I know that I miss you
and my life for yours I would have given,
why did I live and you have to die?
Why was I not with when you made you last stand,
why did I return from that terrible land?
I should have been with you, I should have been there;
I should have been point.

If you should need them they will return,
they will awake and rise from their long sleep,
once again they will rule the shadow lands,
once again they will walk in the deep shadows
and once again they will walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death,
but this time you will see a change,
this time you will see six young faces
streaked with green and with black,
and this time you will see a single tear in each of their eyes
in memory of their dead.

For you see,
this time these are the children and grandchildren
of those shadow warriors of times long past,
they now walk silently in their fathers’ dark path.

This time if you look closely, alongside every child,
you will see the shadow warriors’ face,
six silent men who are now protecting their child.

Dear God, do not let this come to pass, let them sleep.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to all of the RTs who made it, and for those who did not come back.