Grey Eagle


I have left this life; my immortal spirit has departed my mortal remains.
Do no mourn this old soldier, for my time here was not in vain.
Do not mourn over my cold body, for my Spirit flies free and high.
Do not mourn for things that I will never do, but rather rejoice at all I have done.

I have known the warm love of a woman;
I have held a newborn baby close. Have you?
I have held a newborn puppy and kitten;
I have held a baby bird in my hand. Have you?

I have seen the lights of New York, New Orleans, San Francisco,
Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Rotterdam.
I have sailed the pristine waters of Prince William Sound. Have you?

I have sailed the sapphire blue waters of the Coral Sea, the Celebes Sea,
I have gone round the Horn and the Cape of Good Hope.
I have seen the fury of Neptune.
I have sailed into Gales, Typhoons, and Cyclones. Have you?

I have watched the sunrise over the Escalante’s, the canyon of Canyon de Chaco,
The Grand Canyon, Brice, Zion, and the Teton, have you?
I have seen the Land of Cochise and Geronimo,
of Red Cloud and Chief Joseph. Have you?

I have walked the fields of the Little Big Horn, The Rosebud;
I have felt the Spirits of Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull. Have you?
I have been to Wounded Knee, Powder River;
I have walked the lands of my Fathers. Have you?

I have watched as The Grand-Father Grizzly patrolled his domain high in the Rockies.
I have watched as the Eagle Soars over peaks the touch the Spirit Realm.
I have watched as the Eagle and his Mate performed their flight of Love,
united forever, to live as one. Have you?

I have seen the Great Bison in their Northern Home;
I have heard the call of the Great Grey Wolf as he calls his mate to his side,
a lifetime together in their far Northern Home. Have you?

I have listened as the chuckwalla grumped into the night;
I have seen the Road Runner, so swift but a blur.
I have heard the angry sound of the Diamondback and Side Winder.
I have sat around fires and listened as the Old Ones spoke of times long past
and those who have Gone Before. Have you?

I have watched the Moon rise full and bright over the Mighty Saguaros and marveled at their strange and magnificent shapes. Have you?

I have lived with Men, rather ordinary men who, by their Service, were called to do extraordinary feats.
I have been honored to call these men my friends and I have been saddened by their loss when that has occurred. Have you?

I have watched as my Sons have gone from infants to Men, each will make their tracks on this land,
they will not walk in my shadow, but will make their own mark.

I have watched as my Daughter has gone from girl to Woman, she too will not walk in my shadow, for she will make her own tracks in this land.

I have